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Myrtle Beach 2018 Plan Revisited

by | Thu, Sep 8, 2022 @ 3:47am | 0 comments

I spent a good portion of 2018 planning a trip to Myrtle Beach. I had every little detail planned out: where we would eat, where we would stay, where we would stop. I spent hours tracing our entire route, mapping out every single McDonald’s (for bathroom breaks) over the 1,500 km plus route to Myrtle Beach.

My planning was almost perfect, with one tiny exception who goes by the name of Florence.

I like travelling in September because places are less crowded and prices are cheaper due to most kids being back in school. Unfortunately, September is also prime hurricane season.

Our resort cancelled our reservation and we were forced to exchange my meticulous plan for a new destination.

We haven’t had a chance to revisit my plan due to some minor health issues and of course, COVID-19. It looks like Myrtle Beach will finally happen in 2022.

Next month in October (which is not prime hurricane season) we will execute my plan.

I am so enthusiastic about this trip I even splurged on a new domain name just for this trip.

Since things do change in 4 years (especially during a pandemic) I have had to make a few minor changes to my plan. A few restaurants had to be removed as they don’t exist anymore and I was forced to book a different resort. Apparently 1,500 sq. ft is not enough for 3 adults and 4 children.

Here is my updated Furkot trip:

View my Myrtle Beach 2022 plan on Furkot


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